A four-part  leadership series presented by
The Village Business Institute.

These workshops were originally face-to-face, spring 2014.
Now available online to view at your convenience!

Session 1  Becoming the Next Level Leader  1:55
Review the differences between managers and leaders. We will also explore what it takes to achieve greatness as a leader, and discuss strategies you can use to move to the next level of leadership.

Session 2  Building High Performance Teams  2:15
Define the characteristics of high performing teams, discuss how to develop trust and connection among team members, and explore the techniques for building high-performing teams.

Session 3 Leading Through Change   2:45
Explore the nature of change, assess how we handle change in our own lives, and learn how to lead others through change in the workplace.

Session 4 Influence as Power 2:50
Review the nature and sources of power, explore what motivates and drives individuals to perform, and understand how influence can become a part of their leadership philosophy and strategy.


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