Career Coaching

 can help you match your personality and interests with the job—benefiting both you and your organization. The organization benefits from retaining good employees and their expertise, and you have the chance to structure your job and responsibilities in a way that fits your strengths and interests.

Executive Coaching

 will help you build a more effective and profitable organization. The Village Business Institute will complete a comprehensive assessment of your leadership strengths and challenges, help you remove obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential, and expand your insight on making the most of power and personality dynamics. We will also find new ways to help you deal with the people-related issues that can arise in a growing organization.


Leadership Coaching

 takes you and your organization to new levels of innovation and growth. The VBI team of consultants will help you or your leaders become more effective in current roles, improve your performance as a leader, and improve your organization's productivity and profitability.

Management Coaching

 increases manager insight into how managers impact employee trust, willingness to collaborate, and empowerment. VBI works with managers to build the people and organizational skills they need to be more effective—freeing them to spend time on improving their own performance and the performance of their team.

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